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  1. Product Categories

    We offer plastic solutions with various types of bag, film, and specialty products for a wide range of applications.

  2. Bag Products

    Shadow Plastics' bags are made with customers’ needs at top of mind, whether you require bags for your home, bakery, medical facility or a custom design.

  3. Film Products

    With a wide range of products offered, Shadow Plastics provides highly customizable film, sheeting, tubing, and wraps to seal and protect anything!

  4. Specialty Products

    Shadow Plastics offers multiple unique product lines that you will not find anywhere else to fill special needs such as Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor packaging!

  5. Capabilities

    Shadow Plastics' products are able to come in a wide range of thicknesses and widths guaranteeing we will have something for you!

  6. All Products

  7. Garbage Bags

    Shadow Plastics garbage bags are renowned for their strength and thickness, popular with schools and janitorial supply companies. We have a waste bag for all of your disposal needs, offering standard, extreme heavy-duty and biodegradable bags.

  8. Custom Bags

    With unmatched customization, if you have an idea, we can make it. Shadow Plastics will work with your designs to make a custom bag to fit your needs.

  9. Bakery Bags

    Made using Prime FDA resin, Shadow Plastics offers a wide range of bakery bags that can offer ventilation and guarantee long lasting freshness.

  10. Medical Bags

    Offered in various sizes, these bags are made specifically for the medical industry and can be printed with OSHA bio-hazard symbols or custom designs.

  11. Special Use

    Need a bag for a special use? We supply florist bags, ice bags, maple syrup bags, and a bag for any job you need done.

  12. Food Storage

    Ideal for storing and freezing meats and produce, these food storage bags are AIB certified to safely contain food and can be customized for your needs.

  13. Film Rolls

    Shadow Plastics is able to offer a wide range of plastic film rolls ranging from light-weight to heavy machinery rolls that can fit any specifications.

  14. Gaylord Liners / Tote Liners

    Able to protect totes in a busy warehouse environment, Shadow Plastics' Tote Liners are highly customizable to fit any job.

  15. Sheeting

    Used in a wide range of applications, from construction sites to shipping, Shadow Plastics will work with you to create custom sheeting for your jobs.

  16. Tubing

    Shadow Plastics offers both flat- and side-gusseted tubing with various thicknesses that can be used in a wide range of applications.

  17. Shrink Film

    Perfect for protecting items during packaging, shipping, and storing processes, shrink wrap is an adaptable product designed to exceed industrial expectations.

  18. Boat Wrap

    Designed to face the harshest conditions, Shadow Plastics' Boat Wrap will protect any sized boat from harmful UV rays, rain and sleet, and ice damage.

  19. EndoRust

    Shadow Plastics' EndoRust provides long term protection to metal components and equipment during storage and shipping to prevent rusting, damages, or chipping.

  20. Routing Envelopes

    Our routing envelopes are popular in manufacturing plants, hospitals and numerous other locations. These envelopes protect important papers in dirty workplaces.

  21. Postal Approved

    Shadow Plastics offers a wide range of postal approved poly bags to protect any catalog, magazine, or direct mail. Custom printing and additives offered.

  22. Company

    We have been helping businesses with their plastic needs for over 50 years with our industry-leading products and customer service! How can Shadow Plastics help you?

  23. Contact Us

    Work with our highly trained customer service representatives to find solutions for any of your plastics needs!

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  26. Careers

    When you begin a career with Shadow Plastics, you gain experience working with widely popular products.

  27. Site Map

    Shadow Plastic offers unique products and capabilities that you will not find anywhere else.

  28. Options

    Shadow Plastics has many different plastic options and treatments to fit the needs of your unique applications!

  29. Additives

    Shadow Plastics' additives include anti-static, biodegradable, glow-in-the-dark and more!

  30. Production Capabilities

    Shadow Plastics production capabilities include film tubing, gauges or mil thickness, perforated on a roll and bags individually cut.

  31. Custom Capabilities

    Shadow Plastics can create custom plastics to fit the needs of your unique application, ranging from 4-inches to 140-inches wide!

  32. Film Options

    With a wide range of film products offered, Shadow Plastics provides both tubing and sheeting film options.

  33. Bag Options

    With a wide range of products offered, Shadow Plastics provides many different bag options including individually cut, perforated on a roll, bottom sealed, envelope and more.

  34. Resins

    Shadow Plastics converts scrap bags or plastic into reusable resin pellets, which are then used to produce new products.

  35. Sustainability

    Shadow Plastics is committed to keeping our planet clean through recycling plastic and turning it into reusable resin pellets to create new products.

  36. About Us

    Shadow Plastics is a plastic manufacturing facility, that has been producing high-quality plastics and films since 1970.